Natural Rights and Freedom

Gain the knowledge you need to take back or maintain your inherit rights and freedoms. The only freedoms taken away are the ones you give up. You can stand up to any infringement on your rights once you know what your rights really are (this is not common knowledge) and learn to navigate the system that is trying to hold you in servitude. Get educated to get liberated!

Articles on This Website to Educate

Your Natural Rights and How Government Works

Websites Offering Liberation Education

There are many people sharing from various angles of the truth about your natural rights and government tyranny. Every one of these sources can get you a few steps closer to living the way you are meant to. Take the time to go over what others are sharing and little by little you'll discover the truth that sets you free and gives you the confidence to stand against the system and those trying to enforce it.

Sovereign by Design
House of Markus Fellowship
C.L.E.A.R. (Common Law Education and Rights)
Let Justice be Done - there are two eBooks (Part 1 and Part 2) to download at the bottom of the page 
Freedom from Government
Common Law Foundations Course 
Constitutional Conventions - solution through creation of constitutions; lots of education on here as well.

Property Rights Education 

Video describing our property rights and how our property is ‘owned’ by the municipality and enforces by-laws and other laws over us, stripping away our fundamental rights and freedoms.

Video showing the legal standing for our inalienable natural rights and property.