Natural Rights and How Government Works

This compilation of links, resources and information is to equip you with the beginning knowledge needed to truly live as you were meant to. This has been created to get you to learn more, not as the whole complete story of your natural rights and learning to live in the private. You must do the work yourself to understand and be able to correctly stand on your rights and no single person or resource can do that for you.


You’ll likely hear and read some stuff that goes against concepts you’ve been taught and believed your whole life, but even if you find something that sounds a bit crazy and with a conspiracy-theorist edge to it, please just continue to gain knowledge and what is inherently true will be revealed.


The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written to firmly state the human rights of everyone. This is also conveyed in the Constitution of Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Any acts and statutes that have been created that go against the unalienable rights of every man and woman are essentially unlawful and do not apply to us as people. As long as you cause no harm to another or infringe on their natural/unalienable rights then you should be left alone to live in peace.


However, you are probably aware of many acts and statutes that have been created by the government that do go against our human rights and we are made to believe that we are held in servitude to the what the government commands; we have no choice but to follow every act and statute or face consequences of fines or imprisonment. So, how does the government make us follow these unlawful acts and statutes?


That is a very deep and somewhat dark rabbit hole that you need to travel through to understand the deception that has been forced upon everyone. It all starts with the creation of the birth certificate which puts you under the status of Citizen. There are many other statuses that we are put under depending on what activity we desire to do and as soon as we sign that contract and identify as that status (driver, student, employee, hunter, resident, etc) we are then automatically taken from our natural status as a man or woman and noted as a “person” with a certain status.


Hopefully, your interest is piqued and you want to understand who you truly are as a man or woman and how the government (every government that is part of the Commonwealth and more) is holding people in servitude to control their actions (specifically actions that cause no harm or interference to others), their property and their money.


First Step: Awareness

Be aware of what you consent to and have a contract with the government about.

Here are some websites to look through to get educated on government tactics to identify you as an artificial person/legal fiction and what your natural status is. Know that whether someone is sharing about the situation in the United States, Australia, or the United Kingdom (and many other countries) it is a very similar situation to what government control is here in Canada.

  • Information about Canada (and provinces and territories) as a corporation and basic details about what your Birth Certificate signifies to the government corporations:
  • Teachings on natural law and who we are with foundations from the bible (which is the source of where our government, courts and legal system were designed so it’s good to know what governments are using to base their system on even though it is being used it against the people now): (you may also be interested in the Forum/Vision of a New World section this site).
  • Learn about one of the movements to create a new and more healthy society called Ubuntu Contributionism:  One Small Town – Motivation and Plan of Action -


Next Step: Understanding

Ignorance of law [common] is no excuse, so learn the difference between legal and lawful jurisdiction.

After going through some of the content above, you may be ready to really understand the situation and dive deeper in the legal realm of acts and statues and how they don’t really apply to you as a man or woman. You have a choice – you are not a slave to the government corporation; you are not their property (even though they make you tacitly agree to be); you are a free woman or man.


Next Step: Action

“Freedom is the sure possession of those alone that have the courage to defend it.”

~ attributed to ancient Greek philosopher, Pericles; on the South window of the Peace Tower of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa.

As each of us take individual action we will restore the land-based and lawful government we are all owed.

  • This site has an assortment of common law case files and the letters and documents used to deal with the court system and the individuals involved. Found under the Casework menu option. You’ll also find much more information on the website about Common Law – how it works, why it works, and how we can change our court system so that common law cases can be readily processed by people. There is also a live broadcast that happens on Mondays and Thursdays that you can sign up for on the site.
  • Take individual action to protect your property, your money and your health with the information on this site. Sign up for free and go through the foundational knowledge videos, which shares info on contract law, tort law and trusts. Be sure to check out the Support Resources page for a long list of related information on other sites.
  • Learn about self governance and protecting your personal and business activities at the House of Markus Fellowship:



Next Step: Share

Talk with others about the little things you learn that really made sense to you. Just by sharing small bits of knowledge you gain, you reinforce the new information for yourself and possibly get others to start on some research for their benefit.


No one can know the truth for you. You must seek it yourself, but a bit of guidance can help you to seek in the right places and uncover the freedom in truth and give you the confidence you need to stand up for your freedom in any situation.